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 Class Descriptions

      SPIN– This cycle class will simulate varied terrain as you tackle rolling hills, sprints and your mountain, giving you an incredible interval training workout. YOUR LEGS WILL BE TOAST!   COMING SOON ONCE SPIN STUDIO IS COMPLETED!

      BUMS, TUMS & THIGHS (BTT) – Focusing on these key areas, trimming and toning with also a strong focus on strengthening your core and back! This class is a must!

       SCULPT Strengthening all your muscle groups with barbells and hand weights. SURE & FAST way to  TIGHTEN, TONE & BOOST your metabolism.

        CARDIO/WEIGHTS CIRCUIT - A circuit style class with individual stations including cardio, strength, core/back, balance & flexibility exercises, options for all levels of fitness – A TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING CLASS!

        BALLS AND BALANCE – Using a stability ball for all over muscle conditioning with a strong focus on core, back and balance – CHALLENGING INDEED!

        KICKBOXING – Martial arts inspired cardio workout, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, squats, lunges and kicks – BREATHLESS & SWEATY!

        YOGA – Combining strength, balance, flexibility with core and back exercises in a moderate flow, meditation to finish.

        HIIT – plyometric cardio drills, high intensity interval training, change the shape of your body and be the fittest you have ever been. (LOW IMPACT OPTIONS AND/OR MODIFICATIONS PROVIDED)

        ZUMBA – Latin inspired cardio DANCE workout, you won't even know you are working out – IT'S SO MUCH FUN!

       GET FIT, STAY FIT – this is an all round full body workout, light cardio, strength training, with a little bit of kickboxing, balance, butt work, core and choose your pace and level of intensity!

       LINE DANCING – an easy to follow sequence of dance movements to upbeat music in a group. Expect music from all eras and one heck of a fun time!

      CHAIR FITNESS – if you are just starting out in fitness, this is a very gentle start to getting your body moving and feeling amazing.  An easy approach to movement, focusing on strength, mobility, posture & balance. (beginner class)

       RESTORATIVE STRETCH/FLOW – starting with a light warm up and focusing on deep stretches that will totally reset your body.  Finishing with a lovely meditation!

       MOMMY & ME – Mommy and me class is designed to get your body moving and play, bond and move with your baby to some upbeat tunes, fun for all!

       AB RIPPER –   hitting your entire belly and the obliques, no breaks in this one!

          POUND – full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired movements, using drumsticks to energizing music!  An incredibly effective and fun way of working out.